Casa Batelo Main Window – Barcelona, Spain

La Batelo Window and Chandelier

Getting a people free view of this window could be a waiting game, or you should kindly ask.

Due to its popularity you are given an hour for your visit to Casa Batelo. It is more than enough to cover the interior and roof of the building. In the busy season, I could see you having to take a little more time weaving through and around people.

As most people do, when you walk into the room you want to go up to the window and take a look out. Experience and soak in the atmosphere. I always look around to form my lasting memories first before I get busy and work.

The room wasn’t filled with people, maybe around 15. Standing at the far end and waiting wasn’t going to work as there was a steady stream of footfalls.

I took a step or two into the middle of the room and said something like this (to no one in particular):

“Would anyone like a clean picture of the window without people?”

Some mumbles, nodding of heads.

“Yes? Okay, shall we just quickly gather on this side of the room and take our pictures? If anyone comes in through that door”, pointing to the entry way, “please let them know we are taking a picture of the window”.

Miraculously, everyone moved to the far side of the room and there was a cacophonous reverb of fake electronic shutters as we took our images.

I smiled a little as I walked out and on to the next room.

I hope they got good pictures.

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