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Travel Photography Essential Equipment

My essential gear and accessories for travel photography need to fit into one backpack that I can carry on to the plane. This image embodies what travel photography means to me. I planned and booked the hotel for this view, stayed on the roof for 2 hours during the sunset and used a tripod, polariser, […]

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Using Flash Gels to Colour The Light Output

I ordered a swatch book of lighting gels which are very useful as flash gels for speedlights, and cheap! The one I received had around 200 different colours and cost £10! They are supposed to be free so go and visit your local studio or stage lighting supplier and pick one up yourself. OK, so […]

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Light output from Flash Modifiers

There are different types of accessories that you can put on the end of your flash unit to control, limit or enlarge your light source. They provide various results depending on your creativity and lighting requirements. Used in combination, they can enhance your lighting setup. The most common flash modifier that people buy is the […]

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