The Colosseum – Rome, Italy

I knew I would pass by The Colosseum as I made my way to the hotel, which was located in the historical area of Rome east of the Tiber. Imagine my dismay when I noticed all the scaffolding. It did not appear as if all the scaffolding was being used for repair work. Upon closer inspection, most of them were viewing platforms, with an italian TV station vehicle positioned nearby.

I had to resign myself to not having the iconic view of The Colosseum, well not without scaffolding and trucks in the image.

This is “that view” (with scaffolding):

Rome Colosseum at dawn, Italy

So what to do. Well, The Colosseum is a circular building and there were other views. I just needed to find ones that obscurred the scaffolding and trucks…

Arch of Constantine and Rome Colosseum at sunrise, Italy

Rome Colosseum, Italy

The blur in the photo below is from the Tilt setting of the Tilt/Shift lens. It does not remove the trucks on the right but it does kind of obscure them.

I try not to “photoshop out” parts if I can help it. If you are wondering where all the tourists are, they are in bed. I get up and out before sunrise to capture people free and clean compositions.

Rome Colosseum, Italy

You can see the tourists in this view though, just about:-)

Rome Colosseum street view, Italy

So, Rome, you weren’t going to make this easy for me! I was up for a challenge:-)

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