Under Construction – Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain la sagrada familia

When I was planning my trip to Barcelona, the hardest decision was whether to go before or after the clocks change in October. Before, I would have more time for walking around and after the clocks change I could concentrate on Sunrise, Sunset and night shots. I was concerned about the latter because of the stories I have read about the great number of larceny in Barcelona. The stories are unfortunately true by the way. I could have been involved in a number of incidents, which I got away from.

Anyway, I decided on the latter because the golden and blue hours are when I like to take my images. So I went in November and was very lucky with the weather at that time of year.

In my itinerary Antoni Gaudi’s work featured prominently. I tried to find something unique or less photographed but that was very difficult in a popular place like Barcelona. Virtually all of my trip was based around Gaudi’s unique work, which is not a bad thing at all.

So here we are with my first image of La Sagrada Familia. You’ve all probably read the history about this iconic church so I won’t go into that. If you go now the inside is very clean*, no construction works and a lot less people than the summer time. I would highly recommend going twice. I’ll go into why when I post the images from the inside.

This is the first and last image of La Sagrada Familia you’ll see from me that contains the construction cranes on the outside;-)

*clean: a term used in photography to describe a scene which is devoid of clutter, artefacts which do not belong at that place and/or people.

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