Dubai Metro Stations – Dubai, UAE

The transportation system in Dubai is reliable enough. I tired taxis, buses and the metro. The drivers of the taxis and buses are suicidal. Taxis drivers may or may not choose to take you to your destination. If they don’t want to go where you want to go, they will make an excuse up such as they are already booked. Bus drivers accelerate and brake very sharply with no care for the people who are standing up, tossing them around like salad in a bowl.

The metro is peaceful and meditative compared to the taxis and buses. The metro are primarily overground trams, only going under the ground when crossing the Dubai Creek. There is a red line and a green line. The red line is the one I used as it covers downtown Dubai. I did not go to Sharjah or into Dubai City Centre or the Dubai Creek and so did not use the green line.

I would recommend you go to the metro station at the airport upon arrival, go up to the kiosk and purchase a Silver NOL card. It is pre-paid card loaded with credit which you can top up at all metro stations. I used 80 dirhams worth of travel credit whilst I was there. If you have any credit left then you can sell the card back when you get to the airport for your departure flight.

The Dubai metro stations are very cool futuristic looking buildings. They serve two purposes (maybe three); as a tram stop, a bridge to cross the road and as a place to cool down – They are all air conditioned. One factor you do have to contend with on the trams are the personal hygiene of the travellers, as in Istanbul when I primarily used the trams there. A clear market for the entrepreneur of cheap smellies.

This is the Emirates Towers metro station. I was lucky with the traffic light blurs, this was the first shot. All shots that followed, the cars turned into the road to the right that produced trails which split across the frame.

dubai metro station

The composition is not right in this frame. The lines lead out of the frame to the right. I wanted to hold you on the right but there wasn’t a focal point so I let it flow the way it does.

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