First view of Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey

I had landed at Ataturk Airport two hours earlier and here I was on the first day, standing outside the Sultanahmed Tram Stop in the old part of Istanbul, peering over the trees to the dome and minarets of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Also known as the Blue Mosque.

I was looking forward to my Travel Photography Holiday and the sites that Istanbul had promised “in the brochures”.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Istanbul Turkey

I like how there is a little kiss of pink in the clouds which complements the red of the Turkish flag.

These are HDR shots taken just after the golden hour, when the blue hour is approaching. I’m a light chaser. Most of my photography is done in the golden and blue hours. During the harsh light of the day, I’ll look for interior, detail and silhoutte compositions.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque through the trees - Istanbul, Turkey

Because of the street lamp, I don’t like this shot as much as I would like. I couldn’t find another “through the trees” composition and so settled for what was on offer.

As we know, the camera and lens is not imporant. For those who still want to know, I was using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with my favourite travel lens, the EF 24-105 F4L IS. The lens has a terrible vignette at the wide end but is a good walkaround lens for a full frame camera. I look forward to Canon updating this lens.

As I work through my images, I hope to pause and post a daily blog of some of my favourite compositions.

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