How To Take Stereo Images

There is a trick to it. Either you can do it or you can’t.

OK so put your face about 2 feet away from the monitor and keep the image centred in your view. Then cross your eyes slowly (not too much) and you will start to see three blurry images. Concentrate on the one in the middle.

The one on the left is your right eyes image shifted to the left and the one on the right is your left eyes image shifted to the right. The one in the middle is being created in your mind by merging the two images together as they pass each other. Concentrate on the “merged” image in the middle and relax the focus of your eyes, let it start to feel natural and after a few seconds your mind will focus the image.

It will work on static subjects, not so much on moving subjects. That’s what the movies are for:-)

If you want to try it on a moving subject then you will need two camera’s sitting side by side and a remote trigger system that will fire both at the same time. One way of doing this is to use the remote RF triggers that will fire both cameras at the same time.

This one was done hand held to see if it worked, it did, kind of. You can view a larger version of this image here.

To create the shift and the depth in the image you have to create two images that are slightly shifted against each other on the horizontal plane. Left to right.

You can do it hand held but there is a greater possibility of error and so instead of a sharp 3D image, some parts of it may be blurry as the mind will not be able to fit them together. So let’s go through the scenario:

  1. Take a shot of your subject or area
  2. Move your whole upper body about a couple of inches to the right, along with the camera and keep the focal plane parallel to the scene.
  3. Take the second shot.

You don’t want to twist your body, you want to physically shift the whole of the camera to the right, directly parallel to the scene. Using a support that is parallel will help, such as a wall. If you can take the centre column of your tripod up and out and position it horizontally (the Manfrotto Pro range offer this) then you can move along the horizontal support.

So have fun with it if you can “do the eyes trick”. Here are a few examples of subjects you can try:

  • Portrait (face)
  • Long Hall
  • Vehicle
  • Landmarks
  • Objects/Products

Hit me in the comments if you have an amazing 3D photo that you have taken.

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