La Sagrada Familia Details – Barcelona, Spain

Details, details, details. Get the details.:-)

I don’t show that many detail compositions, that is not to say I don’t take any. I actually take a lot more of the detail images than I do of the epic, wide shots.

My thoughts as I am looking around for my compositions are mainly based on food. What have I eaten today, when I am going to eat next. I passed a pizza place on the way here.

In between that when I get a pause in the num num thoughts, I try and grab some creativity time. It’s not easy though.

I’m not actually “looking for the details”. This is hard to explain because it is not a conscious thought. To me, it is a gut feeling or a wakening of some type of idea in my mind.

I’ll try and explain how these images happened which might give you something useful to take away with you.

La Sagrada Familia interior details 1 - The Cross

I was looking for a composition for the main alter part of the church interior. As I walked all the way around the alter, I kept my eye on the main cross with Jesus and stayed aware of the peripheral items which would add depth to the composition. As I rounded this pillar, my unconscious mind spotted the small cross before I did. If that makes sense. When I focused on it, I then say this composition. The small cross on the pillar and the big cross in the background.

I first took a composition with the right depth of field to focus both the foreground and background. I did not like how busy it was. So, I tried another two compositions with a shallow depth of field. First with the background cross in the focus then another with the foreground smaller cross in focus. I chose the latter.

La Sagrada Familia interior details 2 - Door

This next image was all about spotting the detail in the detail. I took front end, full view, images of the door at different angles. I did not spot that there were shiny parts of the door at first as I was looking at the door as a whole entity. Our minds are attracted to the brighter parts of an image. So when my mind focused in on the cube, it is then that I saw the shiny Jesus.

La Sagrada Familia interior details 3 - Colour

This last image is about spotting colour. If you take a look at the bottom of the frame, you can see light coming in through an open doorway. The sun is to the left of this position. The light that is shining in through the windows is colouring the roof green due to the stained glass windows.

I saw the light first, coming in through the stained glass windows and casting red, orange and green colour onto the interior. This was a concious thought as I am looking for the play of light. I walked around just that part of the church looking for compositions. I was looking for the classical compositions of leading lines, repeating patterns, points of interest, rule of thirds etc. When I saw the repeating green and structure it kind of clicked.

So I clicked, the camera shutter.

You may be thinking this sounds like hard work. Having to be on the ball all the time whilst you are on holiday. It’s not. Don’t try, don’t force it. Relax and let your mind and eye appreciate the beauty that is all around us. Enjoy your travels and soak in the atmosphere and culture. Your subconscious mind and gut feeling will let you know when to lift the camera.

I hope this post made you hungry and you are off to have something nice to eat.

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