National Art Museum (MNAC) – Barcelona, Spain


I had read about the fountains in front of the “Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya” and just had to go take a look.

As I was there in November, the Magic Fountain was switched off. If you do plan to go to see this fountain then the schedule is April to September (Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday), switched on from 8pm to 11pm, decreasing in October.

The image above shows the first fountain in front of the museum building and it is my favourite. A giant wall of water that just drops straight down and the three arches which are now visible in this image, are not clearly visible when you are looking at it in real time.

When taking images of moving water, try long shutter speeds to smooth out or blur the motion. Especially in a situation like there where there is interest behind the water. Also be wary of the spray that comes off something of this size. I could feel it in the air and ensured I cleaned the lens after each exposure to reduce flaring and water droplets appearing in the final image.

The fountain structures continue down the hill, that the museum building is situated on top of, with 3 cascading fountains leading you to an open area before leading to four columns and the Magic Fountain further below.

This next image is where I have the four columns and the Magic Fountain behind me, looking back up the hill.


This area is a photographers delight. Not that I expected it to be and so was pleased I visited before the golden hour and stayed well after the blue hour. I would recommend going in October when there should be a lesser number of tourists and the Magic Fountain would still be turned on.

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