Charles Bridge Tower at Sunrise – Prague, Czech Republic

The Old Town Bridge Tower was built in the 14th century in a Gothic style. There are a set of narrow steps which you can take to the top which will present a view across Prague. On this morning, I wanted a view of the sunrise behind the tower. As I had been up till […]

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View across the Vltava at night – Prague, Czech Republic

This is considered one of the iconic views across the Vltava River, looking west towards the Prague Castle and St Vitus church at night. Boring, safe and not unique photography, but you should get the iconic views in your travel photography as well as looking for something new. This was my first day/night in Prague. […]

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Blue hour across the Vltava – Prague, Czech Republic

The use of leading lines in your composition helps to draw the viewers eye to a point of interest. Here the breakers lead you in and away from the point of interest I was intending, which is the castle and church on the hill – Fail! So how about contrast through colour. Blue and yellow/orange […]

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Back from Prague and Budapest Travel Photography

The weather in eastern Europe has been quite varied over the last few weeks. From torrential rain, to flooding, to a heat wave! It was supposed to be pleasant in eastern Europe, perfect for walking about and taking photographs. I arrived in Prague and the weather was HOT! Over 30 Celsius and on some days […]

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Grand Canal Sunset – Venice, Italy

As my trip to Italy was coming to an end, I stopped off at the Rialto Bridge which overlooks the middle of the Grand Canal, and I watched the sun set over Venice. A beautiful end to a wonderful journey. I really enjoyed my time in Rome and Venice. With all the ancient and beautiful […]

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OURO AKONDO ZILKARNENI - January 20, 2018 - 4:11 pm

Mi piace Italia, gioia paese meraviglioso

Panorama over Venice – Venice, Italy

St Mark’s Campanile is still under restoration however you can still go up to the top to get a panorama over Venice. You can click on the following images to see a larger version of the panorama. Please feel free to use my images under the Creative Commons Non-Commerical Licence. Related Posts: – How To […]

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Piazza San Marco – Venice, Italy

My hotel was just off the square so getting up early and getting to the square in the morning was easy. I should have asked for an early morning coffee along with my wake up call The square was clear except for the foundation work around the tower and the scaffolding on the church. As […]

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dcartier - July 4, 2013 - 11:11 pm

Hi Ramesh – I have only been to Venice once, but I imagine it is difficult to take a bad shot in such evocative surroundings. However, you have really nailed it here – the “from within the loggia” perspective of the Campanile and Basilica reminds me that I must return — soon!!
Thanks, David

ram - July 5, 2013 - 7:29 am

Thanks David – I agree, it’s a beautiful place. Timing matters in so far as good weather and no scaffolding or repair work. Both the colosseum in Rome and the basilica in Venice were under repair when I went. Would be nice to find a website which lists such things for all the major iconic buildings around the world.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore – Venice, Italy

I had brought along the Lee Big Stopper filter and had not found an opportunity to use it. So when I stood gazing over at the church, I wondered what the water would look like when taken with a 10 stop ND filter. This second image was taken with Lee 10 stop ND filter. I […]

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Caffe Florian – Venice, Italy

The Caffe Florian is in the Piazza San Marco and is one of the oldest coffee houses in continuous operation. It has a really beautiful, artsy interior. The coffee of course is amazing but I was drinking whilst it was occupied by many people. So no photos. The following day, as I was doing the […]

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Venetian Gondola’s – Venice, Italy

The gondola is a traditional flat bottomed rowing boat which is an icon of Venice. The four hundred or so gondolas in operation are all primarily used for tourists and the fixed costs can be quite surprising. Typically starting at 80 Euros for a 45 minute ride. If you are a couple enjoying a romantic […]

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