Roman Forum – Rome, Italy

The Roman Forum is situated in the centre of the historical area of Rome. There are many buildings and remnants strewn around a large area as The Forum was the centre of Roman public life.

The Arch of Septimius Severus is one of the virtually complete surviving architectures and is one of the focal points of my compositions.

The most popular view can be seen from the bottom end of Via del Campidoglia where you can look out over The Forum. The following image was composed in the golden hour.

Roman Forum at golden hour, Rome, Italy.

Roman Forum - Rome, Italy

This view was possible at dawn.

Roman Forum at sunrise- Rome, Italy

It’s a kind of accidental shot in that I was not planning to go there this morning. I was on my way to the Colosseum, running a little late for dawn, and spotted what looked like a shortcut on the map, so I took it. When I saw the colour of the sky and the lighting of the forum, the complimentary colours looked perfect so I stopped, went to the overlook and took a couple of shots. Then moved on to the Colosseum.

Glad I did because this is the time of day I had originally planned for The Forum image:

Rome, The Forum at night with a tilt-shift lens

(Taken with a Tilt-Shift lens)

Travel Photography Tip: Take shortcuts! You never know what view you may see.

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