Singapore Hawker Centre’s


I went to Singapore for the photography opportunities in the Marina Bay area and ended up spending more time in the hawker centre’s than actually taking photos.

Singapore is unique in that it is a modernised city state and island country which still has deep roots to the culture of the people that live and inhabit its clean concrete streets. The modernity however has not pushed out the history and traditon of its Singaporeans.

Since its expulsion from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore is primarily habited by Malaysian’s and also co-habitaed by a chinese and indian population. The history of the chinese and indians go back to the colonial period, which I’ll not go into here.

This diversification of cultures led to Singapore developing a varied and vibrant food culture, many of which started with food stalls. Singapore modernised the food vendors, which typically congregated around religious locations and market places, where they were housed under purpose built “hawker centres”. Many of these are located in the downtown area, near the CBD and in the west end area where social, religious and entertaonment establishments are primarily located.

By the way, in my travels, I’ve noticed that commonly the west end of a city provides access to most of the social and entertainment places. I’ve always wondered why that is.

Back on topic, I spent the hot and very humid days going around the hawker centres trying out a different stall or two each day and walked off the feasts in the evening when I went to explore the sunset and blue hour.


Satay became a staple diet for me, along with noodle soup, roast pork and roast duck.

I did not however, indulge in any Durian. I didn’t like the smell and wasn’t brave enough to try a sample.


I was surpsied to find out that you can get a durain ice cream sandwich, and by sandwich I do mean a bread sandwich with durian ice cream in the middle. Of course, you have to post an image on for those likes.


And so, because of the hawker centres that I enjoyed so much, I decided my next trip will be to another country in asia but one where I can go to the original food market stalls.

Over the next few blogs I’ll post about some specific photos and the stories behind them.

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