Staircase III by Do Ho Suh at the Tate Modern in London

A red staircase floats high up in a gallery space at the Tate Modern in London. When I first walked into the room, it was bright and the red gauzy material provided a view in and through the installation. I immediately had the impression of the classical “stairway to…” but didn’t think heaven.

Do Ho Suh explains this as a transitional piece, so upon reflection I did get a feel for what the artist intended.

What I liked is the see through that the gauze material provides and the level of detail in the work. Take a close look and you start noticing the typical fixtures and fittings that you would see in a house that add to the detail and thought of the work.

Steven K - August 29, 2012 - 10:44 pm

I saw this and thought it was one of the best pieces in the Tate, my kids loved it too..Great Photo..:)

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