Statue of Nagy Imre – Budapest, Hungary

Nagy Imre was nominated to become the new Prime Minister, during the uprising. When the Soviet troops invaded he was arrested and eventually executed.

Statue of Nagy Imre looking over to Hungarian Parliament

The USSR suffered heavy losses, economic and humanitarian, during the Second World War. Due to Germany’s admittance into NATO, and with it the fear of another war, the Soviet Union established the Warsaw Pact to protect its borders, from any future potential attack by creating a buffer zone with its neighbouring communist countries. Another way to look at it is NATO verses Communism; The Cold War.

Nagy Imre later announced Hungary’s withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact and appealed to the UN great powers to recognise Hungary as a neutral state. He was eventually killed for it.

I think it is fitting to place his statue in Martyr’s Square looking over to the Hungarian Parliament where we worked to free Hungary from the rigidity of Stalinism.

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