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Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam | City Photography

I’m a fan of bridges, especially the large modern types. I would have loved to spend more time exploring the locations around this bridge looking for the right location that will show off the beauty. This was a flying visi, I took what I could and had to be happy with it. Sometimes that is […]

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London, England | City Photography

London, the capital city of England. What more can one say. The architecture around London has a very diverse mix and is very difficult to attribute them to any one style. There aren’t that many that pre-date the Great Fire of London (circa 1666). The landmarks around London are, dare I say, world famous. Even […]

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Paris, France | City Photography

The history of Paris from pre-BC to the modern era has seen it go through many styles of architecture. Spend a few days exploring the city by foot and you may just scratch the surface. It’s infectious with its sights and sounds and if you try the local food then make sure you walk a […]

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