The Dubai Marina – Dubai, UAE

There are many marinas in Dubai, but only one “Dubai Marina”. It was purposefully built as a housing complex, which sounds like a socialist statement, it is not. It is a big oblong shaped area with a pool of water, from the sea, in the middle and privately built skyscraper apartments around the outside.

I walked the rim of the marina. At key points, there are distance markers letting you know how far you have travelled around the marina from a given spot. This is for the joggers, for which there are many. It is not possible to walk/jog the complete circumference as there are still many areas in development. Much like the rest of Dubai, there are areas and new buildings in constant development.

Here are some of the images I made of this area.

A junk type boat traversing the pool – The buildings are compressed using the function of a longish lens.

dubai marina boat and bridge

To the left of me is the outlet to the sea and we are looking down through the length of the Marina.

dubai marina yachts

The underside of a bridge that crosses the marina. You can see developed and developing areas intersected by the bridge.

dubai marina bridge

Using the Tilt effect on the Tilt/Shift lens to create highlight blooms in the bokeh area for a leading lines concept

dubai marina tilt and shift

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club

dubai marina yacht club

I was looking for a sense of scale/dominance in this shot – The skyscrapers looming all around and above you.

dubai marina skyscrapers

The southern end of the Marina. The inlet to the sea is to the left.

 dubai marina boat bridge and sea inlet

The area of the walk on the right of this frame is populated by restaurants – This is a lovely area to sit, look around and have something to eat. I ate at the the chilli house.

dubai marina restaurants

Can you see the unlit building in the middle-right of this composition…

dubai marina skyscrapers

.. it’s the 90 degree building (what I call it) that is still in construction. Formal name is the Infinity Tower.

dubai marina infinity tower

The north end of the marina.

dubai marina property

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