Travel Teaser – Italy

Italy should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. From it’s rich history and art to the high fashion and expensive tastes, there is something for everyone. For me, it was northern Italy and the architectural plenty of Rome and the beauty of Venice.

I flew in to Rome and spent half of my time in Italy walking the streets of Rome avoiding the street hawkers, of which there are more than enough to spoil your stay if you let them get to you, and the rest of my time in Venice. I could have stopped off at Florence too but for me it has more art and less architectural.

In the northern hemisphere, travelling in March is a gamble. More for the unpredictable weather than anything. I was unlucky on one morning/sunrise trip in that it rained heavily and constantly. I guess I was more lucky than unlucky as a whole, the weather on all the other days did behave itself.

Along with the weather, the other unpredictable aspect that Travel Photographers have to deal with are the hoard of tourists. In Rome and Venice, I was surprised at just how many people there were visiting at this time of year. It was packed and I would hate to visit in the high season.

I’ll add my advice and stories as I post blogs on each location I visited.

So let’s start the story of this journey with a teaser image of a familiar site/sight.

Italy - Rome Colosseum - Travel Photography

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