View across the Vltava at night – Prague, Czech Republic

This is considered one of the iconic views across the Vltava River, looking west towards the Prague Castle and St Vitus church at night. Boring, safe and not unique photography, but you should get the iconic views in your travel photography as well as looking for something new.

This was my first day/night in Prague. It was a hot sticky evening, nice night for a walk – isn’t that a line from a movie?

On the right of the frame is the famous Charles Bridge. Sadly, no lights under the bridge. The flooding had damaged parts of the bridge, which were under repair.

Prague Castle and St Vitus Church at night - Prague

Behind me is the Smetanovo nabr. A road which the hog (Harley) motorcyclists and Maserati drivers like to race down. Maserati Quattroporte’s are very popular in Prague. From the rise of the hills on the west side, the reverb of the deep engine exhaust sound is pretty cool to hear. There are a lot of police sirens too, drunken happy people having fun;-)

Looking back, I can see some similarity in the geography of Prague and Budapest. It’s hilly on the west side and flat on the east side with a famous bridge joining the two sides.

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