That View from Park Güell – Barcelona, Spain

The standard and popular view from the top of Park Güell.

View from Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain

And of course, the salamander. Which is usually covered with tourists.

Barcelona Park Guell Salamander Lizard

So how do you get a clean shot?

You take detail and close up shots with a part of your mind tracking the people around you. As soon as you see a transition happening, which is people coming off the lizard and another group starting to approach, you zoom out and quickly shoot. Watch the behaviour of people in a crowded area, especially in a situation like this. There is a slight pause when people try and figure out if they can go next and stand next to the icon.

I used the same technique to take the first image, the iconic view of the houses and Barcelona.

Build a “safety net of images” when you are at a new location. The safety net is a collection of compositions that you have seen of the place. Typically the iconic, done before shots. By having that safety net, it frees you of stress and gives you permission to experiment and try to get something unique.

Barcelona Park Guell Houses through the trees

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