View of Downtown Dubai Skyscrapers – UAE

I had not planned on visiting the Deira/Dubai Creek or Dubai city centre area. It did not have the architecture or city views that I was looking for on this travel photography trip.

The explosion of buildings in the last 10 years has occurred in downtown Dubai, primarily the Business Bay area. So I booked a hotel that was close to the centre of the downtown Dubai skyscrapers, on the Sheikh Zayed road.

From my hotel roof, the view was pretty spectacular. I booked this hotel because I knew it offered this scene. I spent a couple of hours through the golden and blue hour and into the dark hour photographing many compositions of this view. I could have packed up, took the next flight home and I would have been happy with what I had produced.

But I hoped there was a lot more to come.

Downtown Dubai Skyscrapers at Sunset

Ashley - June 15, 2014 - 12:49 pm


Really love the view you got from your hotel! I will be going to Dubai next month and am looking to find some rooftop views such as this in the downtown area.

Would you mind letting me know what hotel you stayed at and if the roof is easily accessible?

Many thanks,

Ram - June 15, 2014 - 10:04 pm

Hello Ash, I stayed at the Four Points on Sheikh Zayed Road. There is a bar on the hotel roof so easy to get up there and take your time taking pictures as the sun sets.

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